One of the biggest days of your life deserves a fitting reminder. My reportage photography style means you'll be "reminded" of hundreds of moments of spontaneous joy you were too swept up to even notice at the time. I tell the intimate story of your wedding day through the types of stunning, creative images you'll treasure forever. From quirky country shindigs to formal city affairs, I aim to document not just the day's events but the character that couples pour into their weddings.
These days there are more people than ever doing what I do, but it's not just about the final images, but also how you go about getting them. I'm always happy to meet couples before they make any booking decisions so they can be sure I'll fit seamlessly into their perfect day - the first round's on me!

In my experience, being a successful wedding photographer involves being both a good listener and good talker, meticulous and prepared but spontaneous and reactive, relaxed but always attentive, technically proficient but creative - a ninja, a shepherd (of a tipsy flock!),
an energetic, enthusiastic, sociable romantic. I take great pride and pleasure in really connecting with not just my couples, but their guests - I don't just photograph the smiles, I help elicit them. I remain close friends with several couples whose weddings I've shot over the years... which is a bit annoying because now I have to do mate's rates on their baby photos! In all seriousness, it's a real honour to shoot your wedding and I feel genuinely lucky to do what I do.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, my work has taken me all over Europe.

Below, you'll find a selection of shots from some of my favourite recent weddings...
Katie and ScottBecki and MattJade and AlanJason and ShenaeCraig and KeithCherry and GlenJo and AndyJosie and JimMolly and LexSJ and DaveSky and CallumMikee and SiobhanHelen and Al